Hopedale - MRGO to Miss. Sounds

The Fishing Edge: Hopedale MRGO to Miss Sound (the Biloxi Marsh)

The Biloxi Marsh area located in St. Bernard Parish is a name generally referred as the entire Louisiana coastal marshes area located north of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet MRGO canal to the Mississippi Sound fishing and from Lake Borgne to the Chandeleur Sound. There are several boat launches/bait sites in St. Bernard, New Orleans, St. Tammany and even some along the Mississippi coast, which allow easy accuracy to this area. Part of the area was once home to the United Houma Nation and the Biloxi Indians. There are still several of the native American burial mounds within the area. The entire area is crisscrossed with natural bayous, lagoons, bays and lakes, and reefs. It is a very diversified area.

The Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints for the Hopedale ~ MRGO to MS Sound has over 310 waypoint locations. It would take several years to fish all of this area, as it is an enormous area.

It includes sites in the two wildlife management areas in this area. The Brenton National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), established in 1904, is the second oldest refuge in the National Wildlife Refuge System and is located on and along the Chandeleur barrier Islands the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Biloxi Marsh Wildlife Management Area (WMA), located in the near center of this area has one of the broadest range of marsh game and

Some of the more common hot spots are naturally the mouth and nearby turns of Bayou Biloxi at Lake Borgne. It has locations around Stump north of Bayou La Loutre

And the bends and cuts in Crooked and where the bayou opens to Flabus Bay offers another very good locations. It has some of the various lagoons such as Petes, Cutoff and Biloxi all good fishing locations. And, naturally, the various bayous that empty into Lake Borgne, such as Grande Bayou, Lakeshore Bayou, Bayou Hasouse (Bayou Sue), Bayou St Malo, Padre Bayou, False Mouth and Bayou LaFee all offer a respite from the Lake Borgne bad weather as well as offer great fishing locations. Couple those with Grand Pass and Creole Gap and the Mississippi Sound end of the Flatboat Key Reef in the Mississippi Sound area are only some of the locations in the northern area.  It has Deadman Island in Eloi Bay and sites around Morgan Harbor and Comfort Island are great locations in the eastern part of the area.

Captain Paul