Pearl River WMA

The Fishing Edge: The Pearl River Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

The Pearl River WMA edge has marine and land (hunting) waypoints  located between the Pearl River at the Louisiana ~ Mississippi state boundary and the West Pearl river from the east end of the Rigolets by the Mississippi Sound to a point where I-59 crosses the its boundary.  The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge is a natural for the WMA.   The Edge has over 135 fishing and hunting locations in and around the area.

 It has many bass fishing locations such as Middle Pearl River and Peach Lake, Steamboat Bayou at Middle River, The Rigolets at the East Pass of the Little Lake

Hunting locations such as Holden Pond at Gobbler Bayou at Murdock Eddy Lake.    

Naturally those Edge locations in the land areas are designed for hunting on foot and those in or at water junctions are designed to be reached via boat.

It offers a variety of outdoor sports activities a nature trail and hunting for numerous game and includes a shooting range and camping facilities by one of the many boat launch locations.  Naturally with all of the crisscrossed small rivers and bayous, it is a natural location for freshwater fishing and the southern part of the river estuary is a great location for salt and brackish water species of fish. The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints will give you an edge in navigating, hunting and fishing the area.

Captain Paul