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LAS June 2012 Digital Edition

Louisiana Publishing

Red snapper take center stage this month, and reading this issue will ensure you’re ready to pursue the most-talked-about fish of the summer. If chasing trout is more your thing, we’ve got tips and tricks for fishing Lake Pontchartrain, Delacroix and Lake Raccourci that will have you polishing off your day with limits every time.


Delacroix Inside Out
Heading outside is definitely a good option this time of year, but most days, you don’t have to run that far.
By Todd Masson

Elite strategem
The world’s top bass pros descend on Toledo Bend this month. Here is how they’re likely to decode the lake as they chase the $100,000 top prize.
By Chris Ginn

Night shift
Catching big red snapper requires a different approach, and this accomplished trophy angler shares his secrets.
By Jerald Horst

Rack ’em and stack ’em
Lake Raccourci trout are just dying to be caught. Here’s how to grab your share of the catch.
By Rusty Tardo

Afternoon Delight
Caney Lake once turned out massive fish, and there are still some beasts lurking in the reservoir. Here some tips on how to put those lunkers in the boat. 
By Chris Ginn

Sighting in
You don’t have to drop to the bottom to catch red snapper. Instead, bring them to the surface to pick your targets.
By Chris Ginn

A full plate
Red snapper aren’t the only fish swimming around structures just off the coast. Plenty of other fish are on the menu when you hit the shallow rigs.
By Humberto Fontova

Thoroughfare Thoroughbred
The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway can be a tough place to fish, but this bridge veteran feels it’s well worth learning.
By Todd Masson

Deep Sound
Resist the urge to stop at hotspots along the way and you’ll be glad you make the long haul to Breton Sound this month.
By Rusty Tardo

Heading ’em off at the passes
Why run miles into the Atchafalaya Basin when bull bream await in the short passes right off the Intracoastal Waterway?
By John Flores

Dancing the jig
Jig fishing is a standard for filling red snapper limits, so follow these tips to fool even the most-wary Gulf darlings.
By David A. Brown

Predatory pursuits
Coyotes, hogs and bears aren’t just an inconvenience — they can ruin the ability for deer hunters to pattern their quarry.
By Tommy Kirkland

LWFC considers longer state red snapper season

First Cast By Andy Crawford
Creature Feature By Jerald Horst
Ask Capt. Paul By Captain Paul Titus
Fly Lines By Catch Cormier
Grunts & Gobbles By David Moreland
Lure Review By Don Shoopman
Marine Electronics By Allan Tarvid
The Shootist By Gordon Hutchinson
Seafood Bible By Jerald & Glenda Horst
Paddles ‘N Puddles By Chris Holmes
Game Warden By Keith LaCaze
Happy Trails By Bill Garbo
Toledo Bend By John Dean

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