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LAS March 2012 Digital Edition

Louisiana Publishing

Great Expectations
By Chris Ginn
Follow these anglers' advice, and you may just be heading to the bank with a $10,000 check this month.

Worth the Wait Cover Story
By John Flores
You may wait in line to fish Lacassine this month, but you won't regret it for one minute.

A Piece of the Rock
By Jerald Horst
Redfishing just doesn't come any easier than at Rockefeller Refuge this time of year.

Early Trestle Trout
By Chris Ginn
Everybody knows the trestles are hot in April. Fewer anglers know that the party gets started on warm days in March.

Front Side of March
By Chris Ginn
March is known for its unpredictable weather, but only subtle bass-fishing changes are needed when a late-season front blows through.

Slightly North of the Bahamas
By Rusty Tardo
You don't have to pay Carnival or Royal Caribbean to island hop in March. Just cruise on down to Dularge for some island hopping through trout-infested waters.

Fried Rice
By Humberto Fontova
It's not grain but fish that draw Northshore anglers to this annual hotspot.

Tower of Power
By David A. Brown
Elevated positions afford redfish anglers optimal vision and response.

Green-Eyed Monsters
By Capt. Steve Himel
This time of year, marsh anglers turn their sights to the green trout that become ridiculously easy to catch.

Larto's Other Fish
By Jeff Bruhl
It's hard to ignore this lake's incredible crappie fishery, but if you can, you'll watch your rod curl over some whopper bass.

Humble Pie Specks
By Jerald Horst
Follow Hopedale's trout in their spring transition, and the only thing you'll be eating is crispy fish fillets.

Department proposes either-sex deer tag

By Todd Masson
Creature Feature By Jerald Horst
Cooking Cajun By Collette Lottinger
Ask Capt. Paul By Captain Paul Titus
Fly Lines By Catch Cormier
Grunts & Gobbles By David Moreland
Lure Review By Don Shoopman
Marine Electronics By Allan Tarvid
The Shootist By Gordon Hutchinson
Seafood Bible By Jerald & Glenda Horst
Paddles 'N Puddles By Chris Holmes
Game Warden By Keith LaCaze
Happy Trails By Bill Garbo

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