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NCS January 2013 Digital Edition

North Carolina Publishing

Lake Norman and Buggs Island Lake are filled with trophy blue catfish, which bite best in cold weather, and January is prime time to catch striped bass in the Cape Fear River near Wilmington. 
Photos by Jeff Burleson and Terry Madewell.

Feeling blue
Winter is great time to target trophy blue catfish on Lake Norman. Take these tips and you’ll be ahead of the game.
By Phillip Gentry

Real cool cats
Looking for world-class catfish? There’s no better place to be than Kerr Lake during the winter if you’re hunting for the biggest of the big.
By Craig Holt

The Striper Watch
The Cape Fear River system’s striped bass fishery is slowly but surely being rebuilt with help from guides, fishermen and a group that wants to protect the river. 
By Jerry Dilsaver

Chill Out!
Don’t neglect the Pamlico Sound and its tributaries during the winter, when speckled trout will be concentrated in deeper, warmer water just waiting for your lure to crawl past.
By Jeff  Burleson

Final shot
These two North Carolina waterfowl guides provide tips for taking ducks as the season winds down.
By Jeff Burleson

Bringing Back Mr. Bob
This Anson County preserve owner has ideas for establishing quail habitat and restoring bird populations. 
By Craig Holt

Swans by water
Most hunters chase tundra swans in ag fields, but hunting over impoundments can be very effective — and is more traditional. And Gull Rock Game Land provides everything you need.
By Mike Marsh

Bycatch pushes MFC to review shrimp management

Backlashes By Craig Holt
Line Scores from the Livewell By Tony Garitta
Fish Like a Pro By Dustin Wilks
Greener Pastures By Jeff Burlson
High Tides By Jerry Dilsaver
Head for the Mountains By Robert Satterwhite
Cooking on the Wild Side By Capt. Jerry Dilsaver & Ty Conti

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