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Capt. Paul

GPS system

The Fishing Edge for COCODRIE - DULAC consists of over 170 waypoint Positions that range from areas around FOUR LEAGUE BAY to TIMBALIER ISLAND and from FALGOUT CANAL ROAD to the GULF OF MEXICO.

SOME of the locations that are shown are where land masses were once located, these locations are now usually only an underwater reef. It also includes the locations in and around Four League Bay to Timberlair Bay and the Falgout Canal Road to the Gulf of Mexico.

It includes areas in and near such locations as Jug Lake, Raccourci Bay, Lake Merchant, Mud Lake, Caillou Bay, Lake de Cade Bay Sale, Bodwin Point and Cutoff.  It also includes the popular offshore rigs such as The Picketts, Enstar Rig, and the Mardi Gras Rig.

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