The Fishing Edge, Hopedale - MRGO to Bayou Terre Boeufs, GPS Waypoints - Sportsman

Hopedale - MRGO to Bayou Terre Boeufs

Capt. Paul

GPS System

The Hopedale ~ MRGO to Bayou Terre Boeufs consists of over 260 Edge waypoints. It has waypoint locations for the area between the MRGO and Bayou Terre Boeufs and from Hopedale to the Dope boat and the CUT in the MRGO.

It includes areas around Lake Amedee, Lake Robin, Hopedale Lagoon, Lake Calebasse and Machias, Lake of Second Trees, Points Gardner and Mozambique. The Companion EDGE files are Lake Borgne to the north west and Hopedale~ MRGO to Ms Sound to the north and Delacroix Isle to the south.

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