Lake Calcasieu (Big Lake)

GPS System

The CAPTAIN PAUL'S FISHING EDGE for LAKE CALCASIEU (Big Lake) consists of over 102 Waypoint positions in and around the Lake Calcasieu area.

The general area of coverage is between MOSS LAKE - CHOUPIQUE ISLAND and the GULF OF MEXICO and from WEST COVE to the EAST COVE area. Some of the many Waypoints include locations such as COMMISSARY POINT, LONG POINT, THE OLD TANK BATTERY,THE OLD STEAM ENGINE, THE OLD REVETMENT, OYSTER LAKE, TURNER BAY REEFS, BASKET REEF, as well as positions on and around the INTRA COASTAL WATERWAY and the SABINE NATIONAL WILDLIFE HEAD QUARTERS. The file also includes the locations of numerous pilings and features through out the lake area. The 102 waypoints offer a real EDGE in fishing the BIG LAKE area.