MRGO Waypoints, Routes New Hopedale Dam

GPS System

The Fishing Edge for the MRGO Waypoints and Routes Around the New Hopedale Dam consists of 172 MRGO waypoints which are mainly where the old buoys, cans, nuns and lights were located along the sides of the MRGO. The routes offer a Northern and Southern Way around the New Hopedale Dam.

The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge is now offering a NEW Edge area called MRGO - Waypoints and Routes Around the New Dam.  This new Dam is located south of the  MRGO - Bayou La Loutre junction.  The EDGE Program is offered exclusively on the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN  WEB SITE’s  Outdoor Store.

The MRGO Waypoints - Routes offer over 172 waypoints along what was the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.  The files are sent via email as email attachments.

The Routes offer a means of navigating to a position on the sea side of the newly constructed dam across the Gulf Outlet.

There are two basic means of getting around the new dam. Both begin at the Bayou La Loutre - MRGO junction.  One is on the north side or the MRGO by Bakers Canal and one is on the south side of the old MRGO by the Back Levee Canal.   Both major routes have one or two sub routes which offer a variety of ending positions from each route.

These waypoints define where the Aids to Navigation buoys, cans, nuns and lights were located as well as many of the prominent features along its banks.  Many of these buoys and lights were guides and or turning points to find well heads and other features that border the old MRGO.  In addition, the waypoints are indicate the position where the NavAids were  located on either side of the channel.  It offers a means of finding the deeper channel in open water areas.   The waypoints define the entrance to the Outlet in Breton Sound along its banks to the junction of the MRGO and the Intra Coastal Water Way in New Orleans just north of the Bayou Bienvenue locks.