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The Hellpig Hunt

Louisiana Publishing

Upon reading Humberto Fontova for the first time, the easily offended often react just as the author's gender-confused neighbor Freddie did when he viewed Fontova cleaning a deer in his backyard: "Humberto! How could YOU? Why, that's awful!"

Fontova is indeed awful, if your sensitivities align with Pamela Anderson or Barbra Streisand. Otherwise, Fontova's just awfully funny.

His second book, released last month by M. Evans, is Fontova at his best? or worst, depending on your perspective.

Titled The Hellpig Hunt, the book is an account of a weekend Fontova and his buddies spend at the mouth of the Mississippi River doing everything from boar hunting to trout fishing.

But if you've read any of Fontova's work, you know there's a whole lot else that goes on, and most of it's side-splitting.

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