Redfish Tips

Redfish Tips

Redfish, also known as red drum, are a popular game fish found along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coastlines of the United States. They are known for their hard-fighting nature and delicious tas...
Finding the Best Turkey Hunting Spot

Finding the Best Turkey Hunting Spot

Find the best turkey hunting spot with these helpful tips!
Duck hunter points his gun toward the sky as he watched and readies to shoot ducks overhead. Light brown dog watched intently by his side, ready to retrieve.

Top 10 Teal Hunting Destinations

Teal hunting is a growing sport in North America, and it’s no surprise to most. It’s incrediblycompetitive, with even the best shooters struggling to hit the small and nippy birds as theyaccelerate...
Greg Hackney Bass Fishing With Deer, Duck, Fish Fleur-de-lis Camo Hat & Black Shirt - Sportsman Gear
bass fishing

Bass Fishing Greg Hackney Rig Tips & Techniques for Punching

Jam packed clip of tips from MLF Champion Greg Hackney... From Tungsten Weights to his design for the Hack Attack Flipping Hooks 6/0 to the rig - Strike King Rodent.. How to rig it and why... wha...
Fishing Bait & Bourbon Blog Pic - Sportsman Gear

A Single Barrel and A Floating Fatboy

The teeth marks tell the story, the bourbon is to hopefully help communicate that story. Under a glowing lamp in my South Texas Home, I’m surrounded by stories. Personified in various shapes, col...
Redfishing Tournament Vets - Fishing News Blog Article Pic - Sportsman Gear

Redfishing tips from tourney vets

Even if you’re just competing for weekend bragging rights, these insights from a couple of successful tournament anglers will help you put more reds in the boat. By John Manion   For even the mo...
Best Bass Fishing Baits - Hooking it Up - Sportsman Gear

Hooking It Up

Hooking it upChanging the factory hooks on your hard baits is an easy way to tweak your lure’s performance — and put more bass in the box. By David A. BrownYou buy a bait, remove it from the packag...
Top 3 ChatterBait Mistakes - Sportsman Gear

Top 3 ChatterBait Mistakes

Top 3 ChatterBait mistakes Pro tips to catch more fish on vibrating jigsBy Andy CrawfordChatterBaits are lures fish love to smash. Whether you’re targeting bass on your local reservoir or snatching...
Fishing News - Tarpon from a ‘yak - Sportsman Gear

Tarpon from a ‘yak

Tarpon from a ‘yakI got to Orlando for ICAST a few days early this year and was able to go and play in my own kind of Disney World: You know it’s going to be a great day out of Cocoa Beach when you...